Welcome to Motorsport Factory

Hello everyone and welcome to Motorpsport Factory.

we currently are developing new performance upgrades,accessories,tools, and custom parts .

right now we currently have magnetic drain plugs and stud kits. with more on the way

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Motorsport Factory also offers mobile auto repair and performance installation. within 20 miles of clovis and surrounding areas. click over to the services tab and see what services we provide. if you dont see something we do, feel free to contact us and we can let you know if we preform  the task and will give you a quote


History of Motorsport Factory

it all started back in 2006 when i was workin for a company that built movie projectors. and from there i started working on designing performance upgrades.ive been workin on cars since 2000. and been workin on coming up with ways for new types of tools to help work smarter and not harder. not just myself but for other people that love to work on cars.performance upgrades idea came about when i dealt with so many different brands and came up with more simple and easier ways to make them and improve on them . thus at the end of 2007 Motorsport factory was founded . more details can be heard on my youtube channel.